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Our Publication Local Purchase Locations:

Colter's Creek Winery

308 Main St.

Juliaetta, Idaho


Juliaetta Market

1051 Main St.

Juliaetta, Idaho


Red Cross Pharmacy

509 E. Main

Kendrick, Idaho


Simple Joys

Antiques & Gifts

609 E. Main

Kendrick, Idaho


...and BOOK, too!

918 6th Street

Clarkston, Wash.


Sharon Harris

JKHF President

(208) 289-4622




P.O. Box 37

Kendrick, ID 83537





Our Announcements:

2015 Project Funding Needs and Funding Acquired:

  •   Fraternal Temple Exterior Critical Brick ($21,075.00) and 18 Window Restoration ($6,205.00): $27,280.00  -- Acquired To Date: $16,725.00

    • Thank you Latah County Community Foundation and the Kendrick Grange for 2015 brick funding.

    • Thank you J-K Recreation District for 2015 brick and window funding.

    • Thank you Hill & Valley Garden Club for 2015 brick and window funding.

    • Thank you Inland Northwest Community Foundation for 2015 brick funding.

    • Thank you J-K Heritage Foundation for in-kind brick project support.

    • Thank you Unrestricted Northern Region Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation and the Kendrick Grange for the 2015 brick funding.

    • Thank you J-K Heritage Foundation for in-kind window project support.

  •   Providing a heating source to our Museum and Research Center Grand Room: $6,000.00 -- Acquired To Date: $4,000.00

    • Thank you Inland Northwest Community Foundation for 2015 heat pump funding.

  •   Provide water to the Fraternal Temple upper 2nd and 3rd levels including a 2nd level unisex bathroom and utility room: $4,040.00 --Acquired To Date: $3,320.00

    • Thank you Northern Region Greatest Need Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation for bathroom and utility room funding.

    • Thank you J-K Heritage Foundation for in-kind project support.

  •   Museum signage laminator and archival paper material protectors: $900.00 -- Acquired To Date: $300.00

    • Thank you Potlatch Corporation for archival material protector purchase funds.

  •   2nd and 3rd floor electrical funds: $3,350.00 -- Acquired To Date: $3,350.00

    •  Thank you Clearwater Power Company for Grand Room electrical funding.

    •  Thank you Latah County Community Foundation for funding that will allow many areas become usable with power.



Sharon Harris, JKHF President is Idaho State Historical Society's Recipient of Prestigious 'Esto Perpetua' Award -- picture also shows  Earl Bennett, our Idaho State Historical Society's representative.

The 'Esto Perpetua' award takes its name form the state's motto, "Let it be perpetual".  It recognizes people and organizations who have preserved and promoted Idaho's history through professional accomplishments, public service or volunteerism and philanthropy.  Since the beginning of the award presentations in 1999, the Idaho State Historical Society has honored 105 recipients.  Idaho State Historical Society's annual awards celebration this year is on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 honoring nine individuals and two organizations state wide.

NEW -- JKHF MEETING Details:  Day/Time: 2nd Saturday of each Month.  We gather at the museum beginning at 9:00 am to work on museum and archival needs until noon then over a "brown bag" lunch we will conduct our meeting with the museum/research center opening from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  Any time prior to lunch that you can give will help organizational efforts tremendously as many hands accomplishes lots.  Location:  2nd Floor Level in the Kendrick Fraternal Temple (Grange) Building (614 East Main Street) in Kendrick Idaho. 

You are invited to climb the stairs to the second floor level of the Fraternal Temple (Grange) Building at 614 E. Main in Kendrick for local "Memories of the 1900's". Our Museum and Research Center is open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  For A Private Tour Call:(208) 289-4622(Sharon) or (208) 289-3001(Loeda).

Is a DOWNTOWN KENDRICK  HISTORIC DISTRICT In Our Future?  You are invited to review data on this subject by viewing the posters in the Fraternal Temple window front windows and receive available handouts at Koffee Kups (704 E. Main Kendrick).  For information on historical districts contact Tricia Canaday, from the State Historic Preservation office (208) 334-3864 ext. 102.

K-J and area Newspaper Collecting-Microfilming-Digitization-Web Publication: This project involves digitizing the 47 reels of Idaho State Historical Society microfilmed publications with the added ability for a subject search.  Juliaetta and many Kendrick newspapers (totaling 7,500 issues from 1890 - 1998) are currently available on the left side "Newspapers" link on this page.  More project details are also available at that location.  Thanks to a recent National Historical Publications & Records Commission grant and Latah County Arts and Culture Committee Nov. 2014 funding this project has moved forward.

Latah County Library District and VALNet Patrons the Heritage Quest data base IS available for library patron use.  The direct linkage for home and library viewing to the library's data base page is www.latahlibrary.org/databases  (also found on the left side link on the library web site front page). All you need to do is scroll down to Heritage Quest and use a valid VALNet library card number to login.  Challenges??? call your library.

We NOW have a FACEBOOK presence at Juliaetta - Kendrick Heritage Foundation link!  Please join us as a friend.

Juliaetta Historical Tour Booklets


Early Days of Juliaetta DVD's

 The BOOKLET & DVD is AVAILABLE NOW at our local distributors (see left side page link panel) and from Sharon Harris.

Colter's Creek Winery & the Juliaetta Market carry them too! 

The pricing matches the Kendrick Historical Tour booklet ($5.00) and DVD ($20.00) with an additional $3.00/item needed for mailings.  Both of the DVD's were produced by Marsha Schoeffler.  This completes the Kendrick- Juliaetta Historical Tour update project with the site signage in place.  We thank the Statewide Education Philanthropic Gift Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation and Latah County Arts & Culture Committee for Juliaetta project funding.


Kendrick Historical Tour Booklet   AVAILABLE for $5.00.

   The 40 selected Kendrick businesses and early homes in this 36-page publication can be viewed with a click on the above link.  Pictures, unique tidbits of information, and vivid descriptions all contribute toward an understanding of what and who played a part in establishing and sustaining Kendrick beginning before 1890.  A booklet map allows for a walking and/or a vehicle tour.  Purchase locally at Red Cross Pharmacy, Simple Joys Antiques & Gifts.  For a mailing add $3.00/booklet mailed when you contact Sharon Harris.  She also is the contact for guided group tours to discuss rates and availability. See her contact at bottom of page.

Find MORE "JKHF Publications" information go to the left side link on this page.


Local PHOTO Viewing BUSINESS LOCATIONS: Our digital photo units display local historical pictures at:

  •  Colters Creek Winery - Tasting Room -- 308 Main St. in Juliaetta Idaho -- shows mainly Juliaetta area pictures

  •  Koffee Kups -- 704 E. Main in Kendrick Idaho -- shows mainly Kendrick area pictures

General CONTACT & Publication Purchase INFORMATION:

Telephone & E-Mail contact:  Sharon Harris, President  (208) 289-4622  25skharris@gmail.com  (changed June 2013)
JKHF Physical Address (make appointment):  Fraternal Temple building 2nd floor -- 614 E. Main St. -- Kendrick Idaho
JKHF Postal address:  P.O. Box 37 Kendrick, ID 83537

 History shows us Who we Were, Who we Are, and Who we may Become.